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Xarelto® - Excellent Efficacy and Convenience with Reassuring Safety

Xarelto® directly inhibits Factor Xa

Xarelto® is the first direct inhibitor of Factor Xa available for clinical use. It is leading a new generation of Factor Xa–inhibiting drugs designed to meet a pressing clinical need for improved antithrombotic therapy. It is approved in Europe for the prevention of venous thromboembolism (VTE) in adult patients undergoing elective hip or knee replacement surgery.1, 26
In patients undergoing these orthopaedic procedures, Xarelto® is given as one tablet once daily. This dosing routine is simple and convenient for patients and physicians, allowing patients to easily continue therapy from hospital to home without the need for bridging.1, 29
In RECORD1, 3, and 4 (studying prevention of VTE in patients undergoing elective hip or knee replacement surgery), Xarelto® demonstrated a significantly better efficacy, with similar safety, compared to enoxaparin.2, 4, 9 In RECORD2 comparing 5 weeks of Xarelto® with 2 weeks of enoxaparin, Xarelto® also demonstrated significantly better efficacy, with similar safety, compared to enoxaparin.3

Other available therapies

In addition to Xarelto®, there are other approaches available for prevention of VTE in patients undergoing major orthopaedic surgery. However, there are limitations associated with each of these therapeutic options, which may have led to underuse.7, 27
Unfractionated heparin (UFH) and low-molecular-weight heparins (LMWHs) and fondaparinux are available only in injectable forms, which make them inconvenient to use outside the hospital setting.8, 27
Fondaparinux is an indirect inhibitor of Factor Xa. It must be administered by subcutaneous injection.8 It does not inhibit prothrombin-bound or clot-associated Factor Xa.
Warfarin is administered orally and has a narrow therapeutic window, requiring strict monitoring of anticoagulation. Its anticoagulant effects are significantly modified by interactions with foods and other drugs. The risk of suboptimal treatment with warfarin is therefore high,30 which can result in significant problems, such as major bleeding or thrombosis.

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Factor Xa
Pivotal component of blood clotting cascade. Stimulates the production of thrombin, the enzyme in the coagulation cascade that promotes the formation of blood clots.
Venous thromboembolism
A disease process beginning with a blood clot occurring within the venous system, including deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.
The ability of a drug to produce the desired effect.
Major orthopaedic surgery
Major operations on the bones or joints including total hip or knee replacement surgery.
Introduced beneath the skin.
Formation of a clot inside a blood vessel.

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The number of in-hospital deaths due to VTE is five times the total number of deaths from all hospital-acquired infections. 59

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